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Please feel free to use this area to pass on any tips / tricks you may have to other users in Horsham. Please note: initially all posts will be moderated by an administrator.

Have fun.

Here’s a quick little tip to get everyone started: Holding down the SHIFT key while deleting a file (ie: a word document) by pressing the DELETE key will delete the item from your system without it entering the recycle bin.

Here’s another one for you. Pressing CTRL > SHIFT > ESC does the same as pressing CRL > ALT > DEL if that fails to open up task manager. This can sometimes prove useful when dealing with system crashes and virus infections.

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  • Many thanks Dominic for your speedy response to our computer problems. You arrived promptly and solved the problems very quickly and helped us to understand a few elementary procedures at a very reasonable cost. We would highly recommend you to others who suffer computer problems and no doubt we will require your services in the future.

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microsoftcert Horsham PC Repairs Laptops Network Wireless