WARNING: Bogus Computer Repair Telephone Calls

Just thought we would highlight a new scam that seems to be going around the Horsham Area at the moment. A few people, including myself, have received telephone calls from a supposed company claiming to be accredited to Microsoft. They basically call you up and tell you they are from Microsoft and that they have noticed your computer is running slow. They then start to give you a whole run down of things they think may be happening to your computer (things like: you have a slow Internet connection, your computer is running slower than normal, your computer is sending private information over the Internet, you have a virus etc). They tell you they have detected these things happening and that they are calling to fix the problem for you FOC. (At this point I asked they guy I was speaking to who the company was and was told Microsoft. When I told him I was a technician with affiliation to Microsoft the Indian guy (whom I was speaking to) put the phone down on me.)

Some other people I have spoken to unfortunately have believed what these guys are telling them and have not questioned their authenticity. As a result they were then told to download a small program which gave the so called technicians control of their computers and then most found within a very short period of time their computer had been hacked into and details had been stolen, viruses had been activated and some were even locked out of their own systems.

If anyone calls you up and tells you they have found something wrong with your computer, or that they have detected a virus on it, they are lying to you. No-one can diagnose or monitor faults from a remote location (or over the Internet) unless you personally have installed programs onto your system to allow them to do so. At times a qualified technician may offer you remote assistance (which would require you to download and install a small program onto your system – but this would only be at your request.) Please make your friends aware of this scam as many people in our community have already been hit by this and similar things.


  • Comments by David Morgan
  • Many thanks Dominic for your speedy response to our computer problems. You arrived promptly and solved the problems very quickly and helped us to understand a few elementary procedures at a very reasonable cost. We would highly recommend you to others who suffer computer problems and no doubt we will require your services in the future.

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microsoftcert Horsham PC Repairs Laptops Network Wireless

microsoftcert Horsham PC Repairs Laptops Network Wireless