Bogus Computer Repair Telephone Calls Started Again

Just had an email from a customer and it seems that the bogus computer repair calls are starting up again in this area. This is the third person we have had contact us in 2 weeks. Here is a copy of Phil Blagdens experience:

Just thought i’d drop you a line about what I suspect is an update of the fake telephone computer technician scam. I got a call this morning from an Asian sounding gentleman claiming to be calling on behalf of Microsoft, I just wish they had that level of customer service!! He wanted me to switch on the computer as he claimed I had viruses and malware on my computer. I’m that stupid so I told him to get lost.
Coincidentally I got a call from my Mum later, as she was worried because she had had just the same call today. Fortunately she was in the middle of baking at the time and so gave the caller short shrift.
Regards, Phil


  • Comments by David Morgan
  • Many thanks Dominic for your speedy response to our computer problems. You arrived promptly and solved the problems very quickly and helped us to understand a few elementary procedures at a very reasonable cost. We would highly recommend you to others who suffer computer problems and no doubt we will require your services in the future.

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microsoftcert Horsham PC Repairs Laptops Network Wireless