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Changing your PC’s behaviour on certain actions

From time to time I am quite often asked how to change the behaviour of PC’s / Laptops when say the power button is pressed or a laptop lid is closed. To change what your computer will do when you do one of the above first of all RIGHT click on the desktop. From the small menu which will appear select the PROPERTIES option. A window like the one below will appear. (Windows XP Window shown below)

Horsham PC Repair Tips and Tricks

From this window select the ADVANCED tab. Under the POWER BUTTONS section you will find the options you can set for your computer when certain actions are carried out.

Horsham PC Repair Tips and tricks

Set these options as desired and then apply. Thats it – have fun.

Changing you Virtual Memory Settings

If you are using an older PC running on Windows XP then the recommended minimum amount of RAM (Memory) your computer should have is 512mb.  While out repairing PC’s / Laptops it is suprising how many times I have came across machines running Windows XP on 256mb – half of the minimum.  Obviously, people who have machines running like this should really upgrade the physical memory ASAP but one thing which can be done to help give you more speed is increasing your computers virtual memory (or paging file as it is somethimes known).

To do this: Click START > right click MY COMPUTER > Click PROPERTIES > ADVANCED > Click the SETTINGS button under the Performance Tab.  In the Performance Options window which will open click on the ADVANCED tab and then click the CHANGE button at the bottom of the window in the Virtual Memory section.

Select the CUSTOM SIZE radio button if not already selected and as the INITIAL SIZE figure type in 1000 – set the max to 1500.

Click the OK buttons 3 times to close all open windows and then re-start your computer.  It should now run slightly faster. (You may find that the shutting down time of your computer will take longer however – this is because the paging file by default gets over-written everytime you shut down your PC.)

Please note: this tip will help your computer run a little faster but is no excuse for upgrading the physical memory in your computer.


  • Comments by David Morgan
  • Many thanks Dominic for your speedy response to our computer problems. You arrived promptly and solved the problems very quickly and helped us to understand a few elementary procedures at a very reasonable cost. We would highly recommend you to others who suffer computer problems and no doubt we will require your services in the future.

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microsoftcert Horsham PC Repairs Laptops Network Wireless