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All labour carried out by Horsham PC Repair will be guaranteed for a period 12 months.  This guarantee does not include software repairs in any form (including: Virus / Malware Removal, Driver Issues, etc) due to the fact that we cannot be held responsible for the way a person uses their PC / Laptop and have no control over the Internet Sites a customer may visit or any pop-up ads, links or attachments users click on.

Horsham PC Repair will honour guarantees on all parts supplied to customers inline with the guarantee / warranty offered on the individual hardware components by the companies we purchase / source them from.  Horsham PC Repair only offers the manufactures / suppliers guarantee / warranty on parts – we do not offer any additional warranty / guarantee on parts but do offer customers 12 months guarantee on the work we personally carry out (ie. the fitting of the parts).

As a rough breakdown of guarantee durations please see below.  This list is meant as a guide only as suppliers quite often alter their guarantee durations and customers should contact us for more information any any parts we have sourced for them.

Laptop Screens – Between 3 mths – 1 yr warranty against failure of the screen (Depending on manufacturer / supplier).  Breakages, Less than 12 Dead Pixels illuminating, Scratches are not covered.

Hard Drives – Normally 2 – 3 years, depending on the manufacturer.

PSU (Power Supply Units) – Normally 3 months but again down to the manufacturer.  Not covered against power spikes / surges or using the PSU with incorrect voltages.

Motherboards – Normally 1 yr warranty by manufacturer.  Warranty does not cover damage caused by liquid ingress or failure as a result of power surges.

Keyboards – Between 14 days and 3 months depending on the supplier.  Not covered for liquid ingress or maluse.  Stickers / Labels and keys been broken or knocked off are also not covered.

DC Jack Repairs – All DC Jack repairs are guaranteed for 3 months (ie: the solder joint between the DC Jack component and the motherboard of the laptop) Misuse / damage to the DC Jack or damage caused to the motherboard by using incorrect or cheap power supply units are not covered.

Laptop Fans – Normally 3 months warranty by manufactures – not covered against excessive dust / fluff blocking up fan and causing the motor to jam or overheat (normally caused by laying laptops on duvet covers or directly onto carpeted areas)

Website Design

We offer our customers 3 months of free support once a website has been handed over. We are not responsible for backing up the website or its data. All customers will be provided with an easy to use tool for backups and will be shown how to backup the files from their website to a computer.

The servers we use for web hosting are not owned by Horsham PC Repair. As such, even though the web service is normally very reliable any downtime on the server is not the responsibility of Horsham PC Repair. Details of the web hosting service and their contacts will be given to the customer. We (Horsham PC Repair) will endeavour to help out our customers with any website error/s that may occur but it should be noted that ultimately we are not responsible for what happens on the web server or web site once we have handed the site over to the customer.


  • Comments by David Morgan
  • Many thanks Dominic for your speedy response to our computer problems. You arrived promptly and solved the problems very quickly and helped us to understand a few elementary procedures at a very reasonable cost. We would highly recommend you to others who suffer computer problems and no doubt we will require your services in the future.

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microsoftcert Horsham PC Repairs Laptops Network Wireless

microsoftcert Horsham PC Repairs Laptops Network Wireless